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About Us

Our Mission: To Maximize End-User Satisfaction and Partner Profitability

Designed in Finland with over ten years and five product generations worth of experience in vehicle tracking from every continent in the world, we understand that more than just a tracker made from the highest quality components is needed to secure the families and fleets of Tramigo customers anywhere in Africa.

Strong local partnerships, branding and reseller networks are the keys to achieving this goal and ensuring that we're able to react to the changing needs of fleet owners, families and entrepreneurial partners.

We also understand that several segments in the tracking business are service driven and we humbly serve tracking service providers as an OEM supplier offering full rebranding rights with very attractive pricing and free user interface and server software.

Whether you want to secure your family or fleet, start as a distributor in your area or power your planned or existing tracking business with Tramigo, we offer you a complete solution to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out more!

Technical Support Job Opportunity in Kenya
If you're looking for a new challenge in your career and want to make your mark in the GPS/GSM vehicle and asset tracking industry, then we have a fantastic opportunity for you here at Tramigo. More Info Here.