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M1 Fleet Enterprise

The Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise Client is advanced M1 Fleet PC software that allows you to track multiple T22/T23 series trackers in one or more connecting PCs at the same time. It may serve as a stand-alone or as client-server fleet tracking software as its main feature.

M1 Fleet Enterprise is a super tool for Small Medium Enterprise Business Owners, fleet service providers, recovery service providers and very large fleets!

  • NO Monthly Fee
  • Full Privacy, Self-hosted server ensure data security with no 3rd party involvement
  • Live tracking of multiple vehicles and all possible tracking events
  • Check Point Alarm gives an alarm when vehicle is reaching pre-set up location
  • Safety First, Tramigo panic button accessory enables driver to send an alarm and request help in emergency situation
  • Quick location information from TLD landmarks which enables quick location interpretation (using address information and not location coordinates)
  • Gather vehicle location data and play it back as a snail trail on M1 Fleet screen with TLD landmark data
  • Set automated reports such as Zone. Vehicle will report if grossing pre-set area limits, for example country or city border, garage and construction site
  • Receive ignition messages and towing alarms if vehicle is moving but ignition is not on. Disable vehicles engine remotely, one SMS is enough


  1. User Interface allows viewing of the whole fleet activity. In a single window, one can view the activity of the whole fleet.

  2. Client-Server Architecture. M1 Fleet Enterprise allows you to choose your connection when tracking the fleet:

    a) LOCAL Machine - refers to stand-alone/server connection which needs a GSM modem connected to your PC to send/receive commands/reports respectively.

    b) REMOTE Machine - refers to client-server connection that allows you to manage your fleet tracking via LAN/Wireless Network in which you just connect to M1 Fleet Enterprise Server (no GSM modem needed).

  3. Multiple modems support to handle bigger fleets. With the Message Server, one can install multiple modems to handle the traffic of SMS to and from the devices.

  4. Map Option. Users can choose to view maps, satellite pictures or both through the following map servers:
    → Open Street Map
    → Open Street OSM
    → Google Maps
    → Google Satellite Maps
    → Google Hybrid Maps
    → OVI Maps

  5. Supports map caching that can be used when "offline". If Internet connection is unreliable, maps are cached as you browse the map. One can also choose to cache everything on a specific map area and load it into the application even if one loses Internet connection.

  6. Message Management. All commands sent and any type of messages received can be reviewed and checked from Outbox and M1 Message Server.

  7. Faster processing of messages. Processing of the messages is done on the server. Even if user is not logged on the client, the message server will still process messages from the modem.

  8. Faster exporting of data. Faster time to export data out of the application to XLSX (Excel) and/or CSV format.

  9. Live Tracking. By pressing one button you can plot the selected Tramigo's location on the map. The map is updated as new location reports are received. It can be viewed in multiple windows specifying one Tramigo per window.

  10. Breadcrumb trail shows data. See the places that your Tramigo has travelled during a trip or several trips over a day, week, or month. This feature includes details in between points from start and end of a trip.

  11. Easy way to search for past location reports. Easy to retrieve past location and monitor "alerted" vehicles.

More Information

To find out more about M1 Fleet Enterprise, contact our sales support in Kenya with your enquiry.