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Tramigo M1 Move - Tracking Anywhere

Download Android M1 Move M1 Move is free software for smart phones allowing an easier, more secure and fun way of tracking your fleet, staff, family vehicles, and loved ones. M1 Move is recommended if you are tracking several Tramigos at the same time. For office use we have also the free M1 Fleet PC software.

Benefits for Fleet Owners and Field Staff

M1 Move is perfect for a fleet owner; you can have all your vehicles in your smart phone and track your company vehicles and staff any time and in any location. You get any automated alerts or reports to your phone and can easily manage tens of vehicles simply from your phone. TLD Landmarks gives you instant understanding of the vehicles' or staff location and makes Maps faster and easier to understand. You can let your staff track the vehicles at the office with M1 Fleet PC software and track the vehicles with M1 Move while you are on the road or in customer meetings.

M1 Move is perfect tool for your field staff. You can monitor your vehicles or staff all the time for your control center or with M1 Fleet at your office and give temporary or permanent access to your field staff to track and monitor selected vehicles. M1 Move is a must-have tool for security operations, vehicle recovery teams or any field operations.

M1 Move for Family Users

Just buy a Tramigo for all your family members and vehicles. M1 Move is an easy and fun way to increase your family's peace of mind to a new level. M1 Move alerts you of any incidents and you can easily track all you family vehicles; cars, motor-cycles, boats, children or spouse any time. With the Move Map feature you can even surprise your wife!


  • The revolutionary Move Map feature allows you to instantly visualize the landmarks closest to your Tramigo. One look and you will know where your Tramigo is.
  • M1 Move powers Maps users! It conveniently shows TLD Landmarks on top of Maps; you understand your vehicles or loved ones locations instantly.
  • User friendly menu navigation lets you send commands to your Tramigo unit without having to remember text commands. Just pick from the menu and send.

Installation is easy: Just visit on your phone to get your copy!

Note: For the Java version, you must have Tramigo firmware version 1.40 to use this application.

M1 Move replaces M1 Love and the Tramigo M1 S60 and Tramigo M1 Java tools.