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Tramigo Launches M1 Fleet Pro Cloud Based Software Solution for Service Providers and Large Fleet Operators

April 20, 2017

It is with great pleasure to announce that Tramigo has upped its offering in the fleet tracking market, targeting service providers and large fleet operators with the launch of the new cloud based  M1 Fleet Pro advanced fleet management software. M1 Fleet Pro offers significant benefits and enhancements over the existing M1 Fleet Enterprise. M1 Fleet Pro offers scalability and 99.99% up-time for today’s fast growing IoT tracking markets and is hosted on highly secure servers in Europe.
M1 Fleet Pro enables clients to simultaneously track tens or even hundreds of thousands of vehicles at the same time. This makes it excellent for very large fleets!
For many companies, ensuring that their fleet and assets operate as efficiently and effectively as possible is the key to growth and winning new business. M1 Fleet Pro  provides the tools to help these companies achieve the maximum benefit from their mobile assets, allowing the businesses to improve productivity and increase profitability.
M1 Fleet Pro provides a real-time view of your key fleet information, as well as rapid access to the relevant activity for the current day. This data includes: current location and speed, as well as the status of any additionally monitored items such as driver status, door status (open/closed), temperature, fuel level and many more.

In addition to the status information described above, M1 Fleet Pro also provides a highly detailed view of all the current day's movement, including distances driven, start/stop locations, detailed activity logs and charts, all combining to present you with a one-stop summary of your entire fleet through a single screen.
M1 Fleet Pro offers service providers and resellers easy plug and play advanced fleet management software with very attractive profit potentials.

For more information about M1 Fleet Pro Software and pricing structure, please contact:

Arto Tiitinen - Middle East & Africa
Markus Vajanne - Latin America

General Information:

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