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T23 Magnum

Tracking For Applications Where Power Is Not Available

We have finally reached perfection in vehicle tracking technology. T23 MAGNUM is a water-proofed, rugged design for container and other long-term outdoor asset tracking. Up to six weeks battery life with one charge! Now with NEW LOWER PRICING!

Track movement, monitor locations, set geo-fence alarms and be notified of departure and arrival of goods and be notified if your assets are being tampered with.

Durable and Weatherproof Casing

T23 Magnum is enclosed in a solid weatherproof ABS casing providing full protection from the environment. It is waterproof, dust proof and rugged and is small enough to be hidden in most places on your assets or vehicles to be tracked.

The robust casing of the T23 Magnum is designed to house an extra large battery and protect the T23 from shock and the elements.

Size: 130 mm x 80 mm x 36 mm Weight: 320g (with battery)

Extended Battery Life

With automatic sleep modes and an extra large battery, the T23 Magnum is designed to remain operational without an external power connection for up to several weeks in normal use.

During long transits over sea or remote land areas T23 can be set for standby reporting mode with a battery life of over one month.

Optional User Scenarios

T23 Magnum can be used in conjunction with a high security container lock or mounting case for trailers.

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