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Tramigo Tablet Sweetens Life of Fleet Owner

May 25, 2011

Iloilo, the Philippines

With his new Tramigo M1 Move Fleet Management software for Android tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, sugarcane plantation owner with 18 trucks, Andres, from the Philippines now enjoys a peace of mind by tracking all of his trucks on-the-go at any time.

As a result, this has made tracking and monitoring Andres’ trucks an easier task even though his farms are located in various locations on Northern Iloilo in the Philippines. Andres was able to track his fleet’s vehicles without constant worries while they are operating on another island outside of the Island of Panay where his office is located at.

“I no longer have to worry if my drivers are actually straying out of the route they should take to transport the harvest to the sugarmills because they know they are being watched closely. My life is so much easier now without having to stay up late at night and worrying if their misbehavior will bring extra cost to my fleet,” said an extremely satisfied Andres.

All thanks to Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD), Andres is able to track the locations of his trucks on a map with easy-to-read landmarks.

Whenever he is away from his office, all Andres needed to do was turn on his tablet that he carries around and he will receive details of the whereabouts of his fleet vehicles that were installed with Tramigo’s T22 tracking devices.

“I was able to easily access my command centre through the tablet to consistently track my fleet’s vehicles. I receive information on their whereabouts on a map that has recognizable landmarks which enables me to stop any misuse of vehicles by my drivers immediately just by pressing a button if I notice something is not right,” said Andres.

Andres added that it is an effective way to ensure that his drivers are not violating the usage of the fleet’s vehicles that will bring extra costs to his business while they are operating outside of Iloilo.

“Not only that it is easy to use, there are no extra monthly or annual subscription fees required. With my sugarcane farms located in different parts of Iloilo which makes logistics and monitoring even more difficult, this is definitely the tracking solution that I needed. At least, I go to bed every night with a peaceful mind,” he said.

Tramigo is a manufacturer of Tramigo T22, the best-selling Vehicle Tracking Device in the world, with its headquarters in Finland and subsidiaries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Tramigo products are easy to use, cost efficient, secured, has 100% privacy guaranteed and are globally available.