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Tramigo secures Machinery against Theft and Misuse

December 15, 2011

Guatemala-Central America

The average cost for a new small excavator or Bob Cat is around $50,000 and as of today most of this equipment is left without proper surveillance on construction sites. Many may think that stolen after-market machinery does not exist but the theft figures speak another language! Tracking an object that moves a mere few hundred meters a day is out of scope for companies offering standard fleet monitoring packages. Tramigo T22 offers an optimal solution for protecting any kind of machinery against theft. Adjustable motion sensor or Geofencing option is a good solution to be alerted if the machinery leaves the designated area. In case of a theft live tracking can be turned on in order to locate the stolen machinery. A site manager can use their smartphones to receive information when the engine is started in the morning or when it is stopped at the end of the day's work. Tramigo T22 comes with weather-proof magnetic casing that can be easily attached to any machinery and protects the device against dust, mud and rain.

Any company doing business in machinery rentals will immediately benefit from Tramigo. A standard rate for leasing a $100,000 piece of equipment runs from $4,000 to $6,000 per month or $130-$200 a day. Usage and rental optimization is the key for any company renting out machinery. Accurate information on machinery usage can easily save hundreds of dollars every month. If the 5-day rental period ends on Friday, the piece of information that the equipment is also used during the weekend is suddenly worth hundreds of dollars. If the machinery is stolen, it is not only the value of the equipment that is lost but also the earnings during the period that there is no machine to lease or rent out! Tramigo offers a flexible monitoring and anti-theft solution for any company with construction machinery. Like always there are no fixed monthly fees or contracts and the information is totally private thanks to 100% closed system offered by Tramigo.

All Tramigo devices come with 24-months International Warranty and are especially configured for each geographical region. Contact our sales team ( for more information on how we can protect any asset!