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T24 Track

Optimized Vehicle Security & Tracking - Amazingly Affordable and Versatile

The new Tramigo T24 Track is the successor to our successful T23 Track vehicle tracking unit (exactly the same form factor as T23 Track), now at a more affordable price but with the same advanced security features.

Supporting 12V immobilizer to shut down vehicle engines and other embedded intelligence for enhanced vehicle tracking, security and monitoring. Ideal for private cars, small fleet owners and fleet management requirements such as vehicle finance and insurance companies. T24 Track is designed for 12V vehicles.

T24 Track Feature Highlights

Embedded intelligence

T24 Track has uniquely smart embedded firmware. It comes with the famous TLD Landmarks mapping standard and with a range of exception and user-defined checkpoint alarms. Can be used both online and without Internet. This allows critical alarms to be real-time even in limited network environments.

Smart fleet management

Keep up vehicle maintenance schedules with T24 Track's odometer. All reports can be compiled by vehicle into visual vehicle usage statistics with total trips, distance traveled, average speeds and more!

Monitor driving habits and reduce fuel costs

Detect idling engines, speeding and other fuel consuming driving habits.

Detect misuse, unauthorized trips and theft

Advanced Security: Wide range of real-time alarms such as motion sensor, speeding, ignition sensing and idle alarms.

Zone Alarms: Checkpoint alarm, embedded and server-based geofences with up to 1000 user-defined zones.

T24 Track Key Features

Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use / detours.

Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery.

Motion detection to secure parked vehicles & unguarded assets.

External SOS button to send out vehicle location.

Ignition detection and disabling.

Speed reporting.

Periodic reporting based on time or distance travelled.

Idle alarm to detect running engines.

GPS antijamming features.

Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication.

Landmark data for easy location.

T24 Key Accessories

  • Standard Backup battery (500 mAh)
  • Heavy-duty Backup battery (1200 mAh)
  • IO Basic Cable
  • Remote Automotive Microphone (T24 sec edition only)
  • SOS Button
  • 12V Immobilizer

Flexible Software Options For All Tramigo Vehicle Tracking Devices

Tramigo M1 Move for Smartphones:

T24 Track can be set to send critical messages from your vehicles via SMS direct to your mobile phone. This FREE application is perfect for vehicle security!

M1 Fleet Enterprise multi-client server software:

M1 Fleet Enterprise is a self-hosted platform, perfect for large fleets and those clients that require an extra level of security with no foreign hosting in their fleet management business. It is FREE and includes a web plugin.

M1 Fleet Pro (Tramigo's cloud-based service):

M1 Fleet Pro is a web based, cloud hosted fleet management, vehicle and asset tracking software system. T24 is supported by several major third party fleet management software.

In case you have your own software, T24 Track is easy to integrate into your own platform. Please contact support for more technical details.

Tramigo T24 Track Technical Data

For full technical details, please download T24 Track Two Pager (.pdf)

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Tramigo T24 Vehicle Tracker is the most advanced and best-selling GPS vehicle security product in the world for personal use and fleet management. It's the only tracker with a 24-month Warranty and embedded with Ghana and Sub-Sahara Landmarks. Perfect for Fleet Management and Car Security - at amazingly low prices.

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