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Tramigo Launches State-of-the-Art Tracking Solution for SE Asia Mobile Operator Market

April 13, 2016

Tramigo has throughout its history excelled in offline embedded intelligence having an edge over its competitors. Advanced features in the T23 tracking unit have provided possibilities beyond other trackers which can mostly be seen as dummy units posting data to a server and therefore, relying on 3rd party infrastructure and service.

The New Tramigo Cloud has achieved a mobile operator level of security clearance and it includes features such as live tracking, trip summaries, history storage (up to 2 years), geo-fencing, exporting of reports and email alerts.

Now with the combination of Cloud services and device embedded intelligence, Tramigo users will get exclusive and full access to the best of both worlds: - option for full privacy and reliability with offline features and accessible history data and reporting's on modern touch responsive online browser platforms.

One re-branded instance of this solution was launched in April 2016 by a well-known large mobile operator in South East Asia and it has been warmly welcomed by local SME businesses with its competitive pricing and unique offering compared to other reference products in the market. The solution is an excellent opportunity for mobile network operators to access a new virgin high ARPU subscriber base from vehicles and other asset tracking segments.

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