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Insurance Company Places Trust in Tramigo

May 30, 2012

Tramigo Ltd is proud to announce another successful partnership with a major insurance company. Control y Monitoreo Internacional, Tramigo's partner in Guatemala, has started installing the first patch of Tramigo T22 units to Guatemalan insurance company La Ceiba ( The agreement consists of 2000 initial vehicles that will be protected with Tramigo GPS technology. The scope of the project is to install Tramigo devices to all insured vehicles during a 3 year period.

Vehicle theft is a major problem in Central America and GPS systems are the most effective way to secure the vehicles and the only method to locate them after a theft has occurred. Tramigo T22 system also allows remote engine shut-down together with movement and zone alerts giving a total security solution. Previous partnerships with insurance companies have shown that the usage of Tramigo can dramatically reduce expensive "Total Loss" cases that insurance companies face in case of vehicle theft.

Business integrator and Tramigo distributor Contol y Monitoreo Internacional chose Tramigo T22 Series devices because of their high quality and the easy scalability of the system. Together with La Ceiba, Control y Monitoreo Internacional will provide Roadside assistance and a 24/7 Call Center for clients using Tramigo T22 devices. Each insurance holder will be able to access their vehicles through an online portal and can set up their own alerts and even receive alerts on road works and traffic jams. When the insurer agrees, GPS location information can also be used to do the first real geotargeted marketing in Guatemala.

Control y Monitoreo Internacional CEO Luis Hernandez comments on Tramigo "During the year we have also tested a few other GPS trackers but the sheer build quality of Tramigo is unmatched by any other manufacturer. In total we have over 3000 Tramigo T22 Series devices already installed to hundreds of clients' vehicles and we have been very satisfied with Tramigo. In this particular case La Ceiba insurance company also demanded the highest standards for the devices; everybody sleeps better knowing that the project is built with top notch quality."

This is just another example of the scalability of Tramigo GPS protection; our client ranges from individual car owners looking for the best protection for their families and assets to large corporate accounts like La Ceiba in Guatemala. Please contact us for more information on our Products and create your own Success Story with Tramigo. Email: