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Tramigo Now Available in Italy!

February 17, 2011

Tramigo has recently secured a partnership agreement with DRB Italy (, an Italian company specializing in the distribution of consumer electronics products such as Becker, Parrot, ACR, Ector, Hermes, Vocalcar and Zeneca.

The partnership with DRB Italy will introduce four product versions of Tramigo T22 tracking devices which include software and supporting materials in Italian as well as Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) that contains Italy's geographical information.
There will be no more complicated coordinates as the TLD decodes them into easy to read popular landmarks.

DRB Italy confirms their commitment to invest in innovative products with high technological value in order to serve the Italian automotive aftermarket better by adding Tramigo's Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices to DRB Italy's product line.

For more information on partnership opportunities to make Tramigo's best-selling GPS tracker available to your local market, kindly e-mail us at

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