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Tramigo Saves Farmer's Holiday in New Zealand

July 2, 2012

The ATV owner, a farmer in New Zealand was concerned about multiple thefts of ATVs in his area, so he installed a Tramigo T22 tracking device to protect his ATV.

When it came time for an overseas vacation he could go away happy in the knowledge that he could check up on the location of his ATV at any time. Surely enough, whilst happily holidaying in Australia he received an alert to his mobile phone informing that his ATV had exited the zone (geo-fence) which had been set up around his farm. At this point he was able to easily track the ATV's movement from his mobile with TLD Landmarks powered messages and then call and inform a neighbour and the Police.

By being able to provide the Police with precise location reports as the thieves were riding the ATV, the Police were able to catch the thieves who were arrested. The Farmer is certainly one happy Tramigo Customer!

This is just another real life example of the benefit that Tramigo GPS tracking solutions provide - Peace of Mind and the ability to even take holidays and not worry about losing your vehicles whilst away. This case also demonstrates the ability of GPS tracking to work across country boundaries.

Additionally, in the farmers case he now receives a discount on his insurance policy for the ATV and other vehicles installed with Tramigo T22 tracking devices. Best of all the annual saving on insurance is more than the installed cost of the Tramigo T22!

Unlike Chinese and other online only trackers, Tramigo works with any mobile phone and without the need for an Internet connection. Our patented TLD landmarks also helped save this farmer's ATV. Learn more about TLD Landmarks.

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