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Rental Car Companies control Unauthorized Use with Tramigo

September 22, 2011

Theft and misuse by the clients is not the only concern for rental car company owners. Internal misuse and rentals "under-the-table" is a reality for many owners and eat up the profits. When your vehicles are used, you must gain! Tramigo allows the owner to have full understanding at all times on vehicle whereabouts and easily control the whole fleet. As always with Tramigo there are no fixed monthly fees, server set-up or contracts -all the software is free and SMS message is the only usage cost. On the simplest set-up fleet owner can use Tramigo T22 devices to report just daily the location of each car, the message comes in easily understandable format

If the car is moving the message will display the speed and distance to closest TLD landmark point;

It is easy for the owner/manager immediately get an understanding which vehicles are being used and revise if they really are rented out.

Easiness of use

Tramigo T22 comes with free M1Move software for smart phones and tablets. Any Blackberry or Android Tablet owner can actually have full monitoring center wherever and whenever! M1Move allows support Live Tracking view which will display the location of the vehicles on a same map. It couldn't be easier for the owner/manager to check the location of his vehicles in one instant. M1Move supports multiple mapping solutions including satellite images and new OpenStreetView maps. Visual mapping combined with TLD reference points is unbeatable solution to immediately understand the location of the vehicles.


As the only cost from Tramigo use is SMS message the usage costs are minimal. One recovered vehicle or preventing under-the-table rentals already pays back the investment. The power of having the control at all times and resulted tranquility has no price.

Contact us for more information on the most innovative monitoring solution, simple to set-up and easy to use. All Tramigo products come preconfigured for your country including up to 20.000 reference points built-in to T22 unit memory. All products have 24 months international warranty and our support is at your service 24/7.