Tramigo - The Best Selling GPS/GSM Tracker

About Us

Tramigo Ltd is the leading European company of asset tracking technology with headquarters in Finland and with strong presence in Europe, Asia, Africa and The Americas. Tramigo Ltd manufactures asset tracking devices that combine GSM and GPS technologies and local landmark maps into one product that is easy and economical to use. Tramigo products adapt perfectly for both private consumers and business customers alike, and allow them to track the location and manage their assets with their mobile phones and computers in a very simple way. Tramigo products inform about the status and use of the asset in many ways including the location of the asset, the journey traveled and the speed. It is also possible to listen in to the sounds around the asset and immobilize the asset, among many other things.

Every Tramigo product includes built-in and patented Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD), which enables Tramigo device users to locate their assets with practical and easy-to-understand local landmark points. TLD includes commonly known landmarks such as intersections, big buildings, main streets, hotels etc. Each country and area has thousands of local TLD points and you can add your own points.